Introducing: Jacoby Guitar Products

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Introducing: Jacoby Guitar Products

Fellow musos, lend me your ears...

The time has come to stop relying on what the exchange rate is doing so that we can get back to our garages and jam. Jacoby is here to bring you the gear that you often need, but sits on the back-burner until you've covered your "more important" expenses first.

I could go into my whole life story and rant about this (which you will be able to find in the ABOUT section on our site, but in a nutshell, I just want to make playing music accessible to everyone.

This is a brand new startup that I've founded in order to promote local music growth as well as local industry, all proudly based out of sunny Durban, South Africa.

As you'll see from our awesome selection of product (yes, one product), we're certainly starting small. But hey, that's OK. Gotta start somewhere, right?

The thinking was, "What are those grudge purchases I need that somehow always eat at my pocket?" One of the answers was cables. That's why we're starting with a 3 metre, gold plated guitar/instrument cable. Notice it's in metres, not feet ;)

The quality is great with well soldered connections, protective plastic sleeve, super low resistance and very practical jack plug grips, even when the palms are sweaty...

So check out our website, all the social comms and join our newsletter. I'm not gonna spam you. I'd rather keep you entertained and updated with what we're up to if you'd like to get behind promoting the local music community.


Miles Jacoby