Take your (wooden) pick!

Take your (wooden) pick!

Wooden Picks

If you thought that cutting up your old video store membership cards into guitar picks was the height of ingenuity, think again...

Wooden guitar picks - yes, wooden guitar picks  - are in!

It seems so obvious now - why haven't we thought of this before?

Well here we have them in all their glory, crafted to perfection from olive wood and hand sanded to get those beveled edges. That means no more sharp edge slashes from those homemade cutout picks.

We've proudly collaborated with our local, esteemed jewelers and craftsmen, House of Kallie from Muizenberg, Western Cape. They have provided us with some of the most beautiful works of art that are actually fit for gifting and dare I say, framing and displaying in the National Arts Museum.

Nice, but what about thickness and tone?

Good question!

Apart from the usual nylon picks that we've come to know and love (and lose), wooden picks do come with a few small differences.

First off, they're thicker so that they don't snap and break easily. Naturally, there's no flex with these types of picks, so they are made around bass pick thickness (between 1.2mm and 1.6mm).

Secondly, the tone does differ from nylon picks, particularly on acoustics. When playing softly, you'll notice a subdued, dampened tone - you could even say a "wooden" tone.

On the other hand, if you start digging in a bit harder, you'll notice a harsher, more percussive sound as the wood starts beating down on the steel strings.

So basically, you're getting two extremes in one pick.

If you're into tone and experimenting with new sounds and the resultant techniques that emerge from new mediums, then these are for you!

The 3 Pick Pack

Jacoby is currently making these new picks available to the South African market in our 3 Pick Pack. 

As a bonus, you'll get your 3 picks in a nifty Jacoby shoe-polish pick case (which also allow a bit of extra space to store your other picks).

If you're keen to see what these guys are all about, or if you just want to treat someone to an awesome guitar gift, go ahead and click on the wooden guitar pick case below:

 Click here to order some!

Keep on Mastering Your Craft.