Jacoby Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd was born out of a need to help fellow musicians. In this day and age, there are so many factors that hinder the inspiration and progression of something that generally starts out as a hobby - a pastime.
Sometimes it turns into a profession.

As a muso myself, I've been struggling lately to acquire the tools I need due to the ever changing financial and political climate. My GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) list has slowly started to wither as I'm left to fight import prices and exchange rates. After a while, most of us have to face the reality of budget limitations and where that disposable income goes.

Sadly, you start to see ads pop up on discount websites. Ads for someone's very first guitar. Ads for heavily modded, weekend passion project instruments all up for sale for less than shelf value. 

Add to this the issue of "time" and "life getting in the way", and there is a definite deafening of what was once something that got you up in the morning.

For the youngsters starting out, I can’t imagine this is an encouraging introduction to music, or their parents for that
matter. It seems these days we are often forced to settle with the bottom of the pile, bargain bin products that "will do"...
- that doesn't sit well with me.

I remember a late family friend of ours (who was one of my earliest guitar mentors) saying to my dad, "If you give these kids shoddy quality instruments to begin with, they'll lose interest. They'll only learn what a toneless, tinny instrument sounds like. How can you expect them to get excited by that?"

In Slash's autobiography, he talks about hearing Eddie Van Halen playing Eruption on the jukebox as one of his influences for picking up the guitar. Ok, it was EVH, but still, give the kid something to get excited by.

I started this company to set right what's wrong with this beautiful pastime. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy decent quality equipment. Entry level doesn’t have to be shoddy.
I hope this ideal will help to encourage musicians to learn and master their craft. To write songs - good ones. The music industry has become radical but it always comes down to the basics. If we get that right, there will always be good musicians and good music at the heart of it all.

Jacoby Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd makes this promise to the muso community and if at any point you don't feel we're upholding our end, please let me know. Don't go on a huge social media rant if you're dissatisfied. Rather talk to me as a fellow muso so I can sort it out and do right by the community.


Miles Jacoby